|About Us

Carrying the legacy of a renowned brand, Lyallpur Emporium entered the market with a mission not just to be a leader in the school uniform market but to deliver uncompromised quality while remaining committed to-innovating the products we supply, sourcing raw material responsibly and help make people conscious decisions about how they purchase school uniforms. 

We are firmly aligned to the requirements of today’s evolving market needs and design uniforms that bring in school spirit, self-discipline and unity, which definitely increases school unity and pride. Every uniform we manufacture passes through several quality checks and even a variation in any piece is rejected and we deliver the best of fits, colours and cuts. Our high end machinery and skilled workforce enables us to manufacture approx. 5,000 pieces per day at our production unit and we are currently managing contracts with over 150 institutes, schools and colleges.

Meet Our Founder

Gurmeet Singh

Founder and Director

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services. Our team of experienced designers and manufacturers are constantly working to ensure that our uniforms are of the highest quality material and stand up to the ethos and brand identity of the schools. 

We understand that each school has unique requirements for their uniforms and we are here to provide a comprehensive selection of fabric and style options. Our goal is to create a uniform that is both comfortable and stylish, while still meeting the needs of your school. 

We look forward to working with you to provide uniforms that enhance the learning environment for your students. We are grateful for our current associations and partnerships and look forward to building more relationships in the future. 

The team behind our success

Our team’s dedication has been a major contributing factor to our success. Their hard work and enthusiasm have enabled us to achieve our goals, and they have been instrumental in helping us reach our business objectives. We are thankful for their commitment and dedication, and we look forward to continuing to work together to reach even greater heights.