N9 Technology

N9 Technology Information

Lyallpur Emporium is proud to introduce and boast about partnering with N9 World Technology. Our partnership has led to a new innovation in the production of our school uniforms bringing together a dynamic product to all our clients. N9 has created a new, top of the line technology which has created a different edge in the garment industry.

The benefits of using N9 technology are as follows:

  1. Long-lasting performance
  2. Safe for the skin and environment
  3. Soil release
  4. Anti-bacterial
  5. Anti-static
  6. Odour free

    N9 has a freshness technology which consists of N9 pure silver. The silver-based technology provides highly effective and extraordinarily anti-bacterial textile production. The main points of focus are as follows:

    • Effective in bacterial reduction
    • Provides unique and novel freshness to fabric
    • Focuses on hygiene and freshness of substrates without compromising on the safety towards human and the environment.

    How Does N9 Pure Silver Work?

    1. Bacteria from skin moves to fabric surface
    2. The N9 silver particles are on fabric surface and ready to act

    How Does N9 Silver Work on Fabric?

    The N9 pure silver particle attacks the bacteria in 3 different ways:

    1. Immobilizes the bacteria by depleting oxygen
    2. Ruptures the bacterial cell membranes
    3. Destroys the productive receptor


    The N9 pure silver particle attacks the bacteria in 3 different ways:

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    School Sweaters

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