UNI - CARE is a joint venture between Lyallpur Emporium & United Exim. We have taken an initiative to help out the ones in need during this epidemic and are releasing our Covid- 19 Care products. We are distributing Personal Protective Equipment's all around India. All our products are fully complied by the specifications set by the government and certificates of all articles are available. All of us will come out of this stronger , together.

Premium SSMMS Fabric Coverall

SSMMS’ ( 3 beams of sponbond and 2 beams of meltblown) is a 5 layerred 100% polypropylene nonwoven fabric manuf actured using 5 beams. SSMMS fabric is widely used in the hygiene industry to make Disposable Diapers , Feminine Care Products , Gowns , Coveralls , Masks and Hospital disposable etc. Offers protection againts Non Hazardous Particles , with all seams taped for extra protection. It has a single universal size & made for one time USE

Laminated 70 & 90 GSM PPE coverall without tape

These are non woven laminated full body covers with attached hood

Laminated has an extra coat of protection

THE Perfect Fabric For Coveralls

Fine Filtration, making it breathable and comfortable to wear for the whole day
Antisatatic and anti Bacterial
Provides with decent strength and freedom of movement.

Welspun 3 Layer Mask

Outer Layer : Hydrobhpbic non-woven layer.
Middle Layer : Meltblown filter.
Inner Layer : Soft absorbant non- woven layer.
Filteration Efficiency>=95%

Nitrile Powder Free Gloves

Fingertip Textured , Powder Free , Chemo Drugs Tested , Lab Chemcal Tested. White in Colour , Thickness -13MM

SSMMS Shoe Cover With Tape

It is very important as it is very easy for Germs and Bacteria to spread through shoes.

PPE Diposable Bag

Once all the articles are used throuth the day , they need to be thrown away inside this bag.

Anti Fog Face Shield

A face shiled can be used instead of Goggles giving more protection to the Wearer.It covers 180 degrees around your head.

Factory Precautions

All employees are temperature checked and hand sanitized before entering the premises.
Every person working on the products wears a complete PPE Kit.
All Finished material leaving the factory is sterilized.
No middleman between fabric sourcing and product sale. Removing chances of contamination.
All the machinery is disinfected after every 4 hours.
Complete make in India Policy.